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The Outlier system uses agentless scanning technology to collect digital evidence from Windows systems. The sources of evidence include system, network and application logs, browser history files, system files, binaries and running processes.

Endpoint scans are managed by the on-premise Data Vault using native Windows networking services. These scans are passive, take between 2 and 15 seconds, and have no impact on users. The Data Vault sends calculated data, metadata and suspicious binaries, over an SSL encrypted link, to the Outlier Endpoint Analytics Platform in the cloud. The Data Vault is provisioned from the cloud and installed on one or more servers within the enterprise network. A single Data Vault can manage scanning for thousands of endpoints. It requires only the IP ranges of the systems to be scanned and domain admin credentials.


Reduce labour costs by automating best practices of cyber security investigators


Fastest and easiest deployment with zero impact on the enterprise

Detect Outliers

Comprehensive threat detection using multi-layered endpoint security analytics

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