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Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Service

Satisnet's BAS Service allows you to effectively, and proactively, measure the effectiveness of your organisations' network, cloud, email, and endpoint security tools.

Bridge the gap between security and IT teams to focus resource, achieve risk-based prioritisation, and align security controls to MITRE ATT&CK.


Continuous Red Teaming

  • Step away from the 'periodic' pen testing services, for a continuous and automated approach to red teaming

Satisnet's BAS Service - Why?

  • Traditional pen testing services are 'point-in-time' engagements typically conducted at various points throughout the year

  • The fast pace of the security industry means that a more continuous and automated approach to simulation tests is now required

  • Achieve a higher ROI on your security expenditure

  • Organisation's need the ability to focus on industry-specific threat actors, tactics, and techniques to keep data secure​

Keep on improving - stay ahead of the game!


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Measure the effectiveness of your organisations' network, cloud, email, and endpoint security tools.


Easy Deployment

SaaS-based console and lightweight sensors in strategic parts of your network

Begin Simulations

An extensive playbook of attack methods. Run all, or filter based on threat groups,
tactics, techniques, and specific malware types

Simulation Data

Paint the picture of your security posture. This includes Risk Scores, MITRE ATT&CK
heat map, and an infrastructure view of the kill chain

Bring together Security and IT Teams to focus on closing security gaps

Continuously simulate to validate and improve your security posture

Report on security posture against the latest headlines within hours



Verify security controls and understand where to focus your resources


MITRE ATT&CK reports illustrating tactics and techniques your organisation is
vulnerable to


Identification of adversaries, breach methods, and platforms impacting
your organisation


Recommendations on mitigating breaches


Remediation workflow feeds into ITSM and security tooling

Validate controls, receive expert guidance, and improve your security posture!