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Blue Team Level 1 (BTL1)

Develop and Test Your Cyber Security Skills - Hands-On Practical Training

Aimed at improving your practical ability to complete security operations tasks and becoming a stronger defender, BTL1 is an online, self-paced course featuring 275+ lessons, videos, tests, and practical activities covering:

  • Security Fundamentals
    • Soft Skills
    • Networking 101/Security Controls
    • Management Principles
  • Phishing Analysis
    • Introduction to/Types of Emails and Phishing
    • Tactics and Techniques Used
    • Retrieving/Analysing Artefacts
    • Taking Defensive Measures
    • Report Writing/Lessons Learned
    • Phishing Response Challenge
  • Threat Intelligence (TI)
    • Introduction to TI/Threat Actors and APTs
    • Operational TI/Tactical TI/Strategic TI
    • Malware and Global Campaigns
  • Digital Forensics
    • Introduction to Digital Forensics/Forensics Fundamentals
    • Digital Evidence Collection
    • Windows/Linux Investigations
    • Autopsy/Volatility
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
    • Introduction to SIEM/Logging
    • Aggregation/Correlation
    • Analysis
  • Incident Response
    • Introduction to Incident Response
    • Detection and Analysis
    • Containment, Eradication and Recovery
    • Lessons Learned

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  • Security Analysts
  • Incident Responders
  • Security Consultants
  • Intrusion Analysts
  • Threat Intelligence Analysts
  • Threat Hunters
  • Forensic Analysts

  • Understanding of both Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Confident in using Linux command-line interface
  • TCP/IP networking knowledge
  • Previous experience in any of the 5 technical domains
  • A genuine passion for cyber security

  • Analysing and responding to phishing attacks
  • Performing forensics investigations to collect digital evidence
  • Responding to SIEM alerts
  • Log analysis including malware infections
  • Conducting threat actor research
  • Implementing network defences including IDPS
  • …and much more!

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