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Cloud Management Service

Improve Architecture and Optimise Cloud Transformation Costs

Looking to achieve a successful and secure cloud transformation strategy?

The Satisnet-Next2IT partnership allows you to improve cloud architecture, optimise your transformation, and ensure security controls in the cloud.

What problems does the Cloud Management Service solve?

  • Oversized and complex bills
  • Lack of automation and infrastructure as code
  • Architecture not designed for cloud computing
  • Cloud security risks

Our cloud strategy completely changes the way you consume cloud services. We specialise in not only moving your infrastructure and services to the cloud, also but re-architecting the solutions and services to exploit the advantages of cloud computing to the maximum. Ensuring high availability, comprehensive security, cost saving and access to the very best technology. Moreover, our agnostic and multi-cloud approach means we can provide the very best in scale, cost and capability.

The Cloud Management Service – What Are The Benefits?

  • Extension on IT Team
    • The Cloud Management Service provides an extension of your IT team. Providing co-managed capabilities to maintain control whilst having access to cloud experts that help utilise the cloud to its full potential. We also offer the ability to outsource all your cloud management operations.
  • Cloud Security
    • The Service addresses your cloud security head on. Ensuring that cloud services are designed with cloud-first security best practises in mind. Currently, the cloud is often misconfigured introducing huge security risks to organisations. Included in all our Cloud Management Services is monthly security reviews.
  • Guaranteed Savings and Cloud Bills That Make Sense
    • The Service includes our ‘Optimisation Service’ geared to reducing your cloud costs. This includes resizing infrastructure, removing obsolete services, as well as designing infrastructure using a cost-first architecture.
  • Clean-Up
    • We methodically review your cloud landscape to find services that are incorrectly configured or no longer required. This is an ongoing process ensuring that your cloud is always running at its optimum and at the lowest price.


The Satisnet-Next2IT Cloud Approach

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