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CybeReady's Autonomous Solution - Your Security Awareness Program Reinvented

CybeReady are the autonomous difference. With proven results, CybeReady provide a complete, fully-managed training program that transforms the security culture within your organisation, by pairing the two training solutions – BLAST and CAB.

WATCH: An Introduction to CybeReady

Ready to find out how achieve an 83% reduction in ‘serial clickers’ as well as a 403% increase in your employees cyber resiliency scores?

Behavioural Adaptive Phishing Simulation and Training

The only autonomous phishing simulation and training program for enterprises, CybeReady’s award-winning solution guarantees to change employee behavior towards phishing attacks while eliminating IT overhead and reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Clear Choice Campaign
    • Fully integrated into your business to suggest the best simulation combination
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) Learning
    • Learning can be initiated automatically when an employee clicks on a phishing email – the ‘golden moment’ for effective learning and engagement
  • 3D Simulation Engine
    • Data Driven Distribution (3D) Engine auto-assigns employees with the most relevant messages tailored to them
  • Real-Time Analytics
    • KPI and advanced reports are available in real-time in dashboards and shareable reports
  • Localisation Engine
    • Automatically translates and localises the content delivered to employees to adapt to their native language
  • High-Risk Group Bootcamp
    • The ability to give intensified training to high-risk employees on an ad-hoc basis or through extra training regimes

Continuous Awareness Bites

CAB takes a new training approach that tackles the challenges involved with awareness training events and low employee engagement.

  • Engaging
    • Training is embedded into the daily routine of employees
    • Short bites of training are delivered by email to maximise coverage
    • Pairs the lessons with a short quiz – promoting proactive learning
  • Effortless
    • Training lessons are sent autonomously – not manual effort needed to send
    • Real-time progress is available via dashboards
    • Adaptive training – lessons will be auto-sent until training is complete
  • Efficient
    • Fully integrated with CybeReady’s BLAST component
    • Supports 35 languages
    • The most cost-effective training program available today


Rethink awareness training. Transform cyber security culture. Optimise employee resiliency.

Guaranteed Results

5x increase in organisation-wide resiliency to phishing


Adaptive, continuous and 100% of the workforce covered


Fully managed service, driven by advanced machine learning

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