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Satisnet work with many new-to-market security vendors – many offering next-generation technologies and solutions. This page highlights some of the unique and market-innovative solutions we utilise within our global Managed Security Service (MSS) offerings, and how these speciality products make our offerings stand out and, ultimately, the most advanced and secure on the market.

If you too are an MSSP, then reach out via the links below to see how you could utilise these leading security service differentiators within your service offerings.


Network Security Monitoring at Wire Speed

Corelight provides unrivalled visibility into all network traffic – making your networks safer, and allowing you to respond to incidents 20x faster.

Why Corelight?

– Commercial support for leading open-source network visbility tool
– Security with advanced correlation rules pre-packaged and checked by the Corelight team

Discover the Expected, Uncover the Unexpected

Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine designed to solve a growing number of use-cases. It centrally stores your data, and allows you to access all of your indexed data at unrivalled speeds.

Why Elasticsearch?

– Commercial support for leading open-source ELK component
– Search and analyse your data in real-time
– Elastic Cloud – Elasticsearch SaaS offering is fast and streamlined to deploy, operate and scale

Supercharge Your Detection with Valhalla

Nextron Systems’ Valhalla allows you to enhance your capabilities of detection with the unique power of thousands of enterprise-quality YARA rules. More than 8,000 quality-tested YARA rules are available, with 1,500 more produced each year, in: APT, Hack Tools, Malware, Web Shells, Threat Hunting and Exploits.

Why Valhalla?

– Hacker detection through advanced hand-crafted evolutionary YARA rules
– Threat hunting using hacker detection ruleset

Expose Unknown Malware Through Enterprise-Class File Intelligence and Visibility

ReversingLabs empowers security teams to combat unknown malware through unique automated static analysis technology and authoritative file intelligence services.

Why ReversingLabs?

– Advanced malware analysis and hunting
– Highly scalable file analysis, visbility and forensics

Peel Back the Layers of Your Enterprise

Security Onion is an open-source Linux distribution for advanced intrusion detection, enterprise security monitoring and log management. This distribution includes the ELK ecosystem, Zeek and Suricata – as well as many more security tools.

Why Security Onion?

– Easy to deploy and configure allowing you to build an army of distributed sensors for your enterprise environment in minutes
– Commercial support for leading open-source platform, including ELK, Suricata and Zeek

Strengthen Security Operations with Automation and Intelligence Orchestration

SOCAutomation is a powerful, intelligent and self-learning Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform. SOCAutomation provides Tier 1 and Tier 2 SOC automation, auto-detection and response, with security and business context added to the auto-generated security Run-Books/Play-Books.

Why SOCAutomation?

– Automated Feedback Service (AFS) – two-way integration with security tooling
– Automated threat hunting and behavioural monitoring
– Intelligent machine learning and artifical intelligence
– Highly scalable with role-based dashboards and reporting

The Platform to Increase Effectiveness of Your Security Team

SOC Prime provides the common ground between your security team and executive management. Gives a higher ROI of your security investment technologies through tailored use-cases and rules across: SIEM, Vulnerability Management, MITRE ATT&CK, Sigma, YARA, Elastic – and many more!

Why SOC Prime?

– MITRE ATT&CK framework platform with pre-written SIEM rules using SIGMA and YARA
– Stay ahead of the threats with the fastest cross-platform threat detection content

IT Security and Compliance – Problem Solved!

NNT’s unrivalled FIM and change management solution, Change Tracker, is designed to solve the IT security problems that continuously plague organisations – change control and the integrity of IT systems. Change Tracker has been purposefully built with security and IT operations in mind – to reduce change noise and the complexity of integrity monitoring/policy management, whilst at the same time allowing scalability and management for the modern-day enterprise needs.

Why Change Tracker?

– Automate critical security controls – ensure all IT assets are secure and breach-free with real-time security and configuration hardening settings
– Prevent breaches – identify suspicious activity using advanced contextual change control
– Detect breaches – IT systems stay secure and compliant with ongoing context-based change control and baseline management