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Gap Analysis

Satisnet's Gap Analysis Hub

Satisnet know just how important it is to focus your cyber security resources on the projects and requirements that matter most to your organisation.
The Gap Analysis Hub goes through the partnership approach that Satisnet adopt to enable customers to evaluate their current security posture, produce recommendations, and ultimately deliver an increase in cyber security maturity and defence.

So, Why Gap Analysis?


Prioritise projects and requirements that will enable the organisation to meet security goals


Define current security maturity, and map the future of your organisations' cyber controls


Enable a focused approach to improving security, tailored to your requirements and budget


Uncover security weaknesses before they are targeted and ultimately exposed

Satisnet are proud to work with market-leading, new-to-EMEA, and new-to-industry vendors who provide the best-in-class solutions.



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Gap Analysis Services

Satisnet take you on a journey from your current security maturity, to where you'd like to be. Prioritise and objectively improve security controls.

Align your security controls, processes, and tools to the Center for Internet Security's (CIS) Top 20 Security controls.
Furthermore, validate your tooling infrastructure against the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

CIS20 Controls.png



Satisnet Gap Analysis-related Services allow your organisation to benchmark security processes and performance.
Focused engagements, and thorough reports and recommendations, enable you to have a clear plan and focus for your budget.


Keep an eye on Satisnet's resources, as new content is always being uploaded!


Check out the Gap Analysis resources to stay up to date on Satisnet's service offerings, useful information, and all things related to
Gap Analysis!


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With a proven security pedigree, and industry-leading experience, Satisnet have developed a series of advanced gap analysis services.
Satisnet's Gap Analysis-focused services enable you to get the most out of your technology stack, optimise ROI, and increase security.

Start your journey to security maturity today with Satisnet!

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