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IBM Security Guardium

Achieve visibility, automation and scalability with smarter data protection

IBM Security Guardium is a unified data protection portfolio to provide data discovery, classification and vulnerability assessment scans. When it comes to data and security ‘what you don’t know can hurt you’. With the constant rise of data, managing vulnerabilities and regulatory exposure cannot be achieved through manual processes. Utilise next-generation data discovery and classification, alongside robust vulnerability scanning, to automatically understand the sensitive data your organisation holds. Remediation recommendations are then provided on the back of identifying database vulnerability exposures and misconfigurations.

Guardium Options

Find regulated data and exposures to address issues and minimize risk

IBM Security Guardium Analyzer is a software-as-a-service offering to help you identify risk associated with personal and sensitive data in an efficient and effective manner. This sensitive data can include; PII and PCI, among others, that fall into regulatory requirements such as EU GDPR and PCI DSS. The IBM Security Guardium Analyzer service uncovers data privacy risks within your on-premise and cloud-based databases through the use of next-gen data classification and vulnerability scanning.

Key features of IBM Security Guardium Analyzer:

  • – Start fast – easy to deploy with a guided setup process
  • – Protect data – designed to identify regulated data risks
  • – Next-gen data classification – uncovers current threats
  • – Reduce time-to-value – surface data exposures with related context
  • – Minimize risk – risk scoring a prioritisation
  • – Streamline compliance activities – role-based compliance information delivered efficiently


Uncover risks to sensitive data related to regulatory mandates and requirements
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Advanced Analytics
Monitor and audit all data activity – data access, change control and user activities
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Centralised repository of audit data – for enterprise compliance, reporting and forensics

Identify threats and security gaps in databases

IBM Guardium Vulnerability Assessment scans your data inifrastructures, including databases and data warehouses, to identify vulnerabilities and provide remediation recommendations. Identified exposures include; missing patches, weak passwords, unauthorised changes and misconfigured privileges. Behavioural vulnerabilities are detected to aid the detection of security gaps in databases that hackers could potentially exploit.

Key features of IBM Guardium Vulnerability Assessment:

  • – Sensitive data discovery – classify data in heterogeneous environments
  • – Vulnerability testing and reporting – reporting on entitlements and risky configurations
  • – Compliance management – Automate compliance audits and exception management


Real Time
Rapid implementation – requires no changes to applications, underlying database or hardware infrastructure
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Reporting and Dashboards
Centralised key and policy management – delivers a unified management system to simplify data security management
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configuration and compliance
Compliance-ready capabilities – provide granular auditing and reporting to help you meet data governance requirements

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