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IBM QRadar

Actively identify and prioritise threats that matter most

IBM QRadar SIEM provides active detection and prioritisation of threats across the enterprise. Coupled with intelligent insights, the security team are able to respond to incidents quickly – minimising the impact. QRadar consolidates log events and network flow data from thousands of endpoints, devices and applications distributed across your network. Clever correlation of all this gathered information means that events can be aggregated into single alerts – accelerating incident analysis and remediation. QRadar is available on-premise and in cloud environments.

QRadar Key Features

  • Accurately detect threats with in-built analytics
  • Vast data ingestion from on-premise and cloud sources
  • Flexible architecture deployment
  • Prioritise incidents with activity correlation
  • Highly scalable, self-tuning and self-managing database
  • Integrates with 450 solutions out-of-the-box

Comprehensive visibility

Centralised visibility into all logs, flows and events on-premise and in the cloud

Real Time

Elimate manual tasks

See all events related to a particular threat in one location to eliminate manual tracking processes


Real-time threat detection

Automatically analyse logs and network flows for threat detection and prioritised alerts

QRadar Supplements

Add context and prioritise results based on your exposures

QRadar Vulnerability Manager uncovers security vulnerabilities and helps prioritise remediation activities with added-context. Advanced analytics enrich the results of scans to lower risk and achieve compliance. Correlate vulnerability data with network topology and connection data to intelligently manage risk. Using QRadar Vulnerability Manager will help your security team develop enterprise-wide visibility to your network. [one_third]

Reporting and Dashboards
Consolidated vulnerability product and technology views
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A policy engine automates compliance checks
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Web application scanning
Work more efficiently and decrease costs

Prioritise risks and vulnerabilities in your network

Through the Risks tab in your QRadar SIEM console, QRadar Risk Manager monitors device configurations and simulates changes to your network environment – to prioritise risks and vulnerabilities within your network. Tailored to the risk tolerances of your company, QRadar Risk Manager evaluates and manages identified risks. QRadar Risk Manager can be utilised to query all network connections, compare device configurations, filter your network topology and the simulation of possible effects of device configuration updates. [one_third]

Risk and vulnerability prioritisation
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Tailored to the organisations’ risk tolerances
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Network threat and change simulation

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