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INKY Overview

INKY – The Award-Winning Hero in The Prolonged War Against Phishing

Phishing is still the world’s biggest cyber security problem – it will never go away, and it’s only going to get worse. What organisations need these days is a next-gen email security platform that’s not only easy to deploy, cost-effective and seamless, but most importantly of all, catches anything and everything that other solutions miss. INKY is the next-gen email security platform that your organisation needs.

As an affordable, cloud-based anti-phishing email security platform, INKY’s PhishFence is the only solution that catches and blocks all spam, malware and, most importantly, phishing attacks.

Why Choose INKY?

Utilising real computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning, INKY adds a thin, but powerful, layer of protection like no other.

  • Protect and Train
    • All incoming mail is automatically checked against many advanced computer vision and text analysis algorithms
    • Warning banners appear directly in the email – user guidance for suspicious emails
    • Protects against all phishing campaigns – including spear phishing and brand forgery attacks
  • User-Friendly Warnings
    • Safe/unusual/malicious warnings let users know how to safely treat the email
    • Real-time analysis does not slow down mail delivery
  • Deploy Effortlessly
    • Integrates fully with Office 365, Exchange and G Suite
    • Deploys organisation-wide in 1-2 hours
    • Works with any mail client, on any device
  • Simple to Administrate
    • Advanced dashboard gives you complete visibility and tracking into threats being blocked
    • ‘Report Phish’ link in the email sends the email straight to your SOC/security team
    • HTML sanitisation blocks XSS, JavaScript and CSS attacks

Phishing Awareness Training

Just-in-time phishing awareness training within the INKY banners - lists what exactly is wrong with an email. Educate users on real-world threats in their inbox

24x7x365 Email Security

Report an email from anywhere, at any time. The dedicated link in each email allows end users to report emails from any endpoint device, with no special software

Relentlessly Effective

INKY blocks pretty much everything. Quite simply, the platform sees the things that others can, and catches the things that others don’t

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