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PhishTool Overview

Forensic Email Security – Identify and Defend Against Advanced Phishing Campaigns

No matter how big or small the organisation, and despite all of the existing security tools/controls in place, phishing emails still get through.

  • 95% of all attacks are caused by spear phishing
  • 97% of users are unable to identify a sophisticated attack

Anyone who has been in the cyber security profession will know that, despite vendor claims, we cannot simply ‘automate’ away the problem. There will always need to be human investigation – the key is to help speed up analysis – and then use the information learnt to feedback and harden existing security controls.

In comes PhishTool…

…PhishTool, delivered as a SaaS platform, automates (where it can!) the forensic analysis of submitted phishing emails/campaigns.

PhishTool delivers:

  • Huge time savings over manual phishing investigations
  • Standardises the investigation process and force multiplies all analysts’ skills
  • Provides artifacts and indicators of comprise (IoCs) that can be used to harden existing security controls and to also threat hunt the infrastructure

Quickly analyse, identify and defend against phishing emails with PhishTool – the forensic-grade phishing analysis platform of choice!

PhishTool – The Company

PhishTool was founded in 2019 with the aim of vastly improving upon existing anti-phishing solutions. As they began this journey, the team quickly realised that the threat of phishing must be addressed at the human level, and not by perimeter technology alone.

They have created PhishTool to build depth in the email security stack, by equipping security experts and end users with the best tools possible to combat the ever-advancing threat of phishing.


Forensically identify artifacts in an email and automatically conduct heuristic analysis to detect, and effectively respond to, traits of phishing


Malicious artifacts can be tagged within the Analysis Console enabling a detailed forensic report to be automatically generated


Rapidly identify the malicious attributes of a phishing email using enriched open source intelligence, threat feeds and heuristic analysis

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