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Microsoft Named Visionary: 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM



Microsoft have announced that they have been named as a Visionary in the SIEM field, with the cloud-native Azure Sentinel!

Great news, and fully deserved! So, what did Microsoft have to say?

We’re pleased to announce that in its first year of inclusion in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report, Microsoft Azure Sentinel has been named a Visionary, where we were recognized for our completeness of vision for SIEM.

Gartner has said that “cloud SIEM will be the future of how many organizations consume technology.” We wholeheartedly agree! Today, security teams are constantly asked to do more with less. They need to protect expanding digital estates, detect increasingly advanced threats through huge amounts of noise, and keep up with a massive backlog of investigations.

Azure Sentinel is built from the ground up to be completely cloud-native, and it enables security teams to focus on protecting their organizations instead of maintaining infrastructure. It collects, correlates, and analyzes data at cloud scale across the entire organization, resulting in higher efficiency and more effective security analytics.

We released Azure Sentinel in November 2019 as the first cloud-native SIEM on a major public cloud. Since then, we’ve helped more than 9,000 customers across a broad range of verticals modernize their security operations and have received industry recognition for our market-leading approach.

One of the most fulfilling things about working on Azure Sentinel has been seeing our customers realize the value of our vision firsthand. At MVP Healthcare, moving SecOps to the cloud gave the security team unprecedented agility, allowing them to react and scale faster. At ASOS, Azure Sentinel empowered the security team to cut issue resolution times in half. And at LinkedIn, moving to Azure Sentinel allowed them to significantly reduce operational overhead, plus reduce investigation times dramatically.

We’re honored that we have been able to help so many organizations during Azure Sentinel’s short time in market and are thrilled that we were recognized in this Gartner report for our vision for the future of SIEM.

Looking Back and Looking Forward

While we’re excited about how far we’ve come in the last year and a half, we’re just getting started. Every day, we’re learning from customers and partners about how we can improve. And we aren’t slowing down—empowering SecOps with new innovations for Azure Sentinel is one of the highest priorities for our security engineering team.

In 2021, we’ve delivered key innovations across a variety of investment areas, including data collection, AI, machine learning, automation, and much more. A few highlights include:

  • Expanding visibility across all security assets, platforms, and clouds

    • With more than 50 new connectors, including for security solutions like Cisco Umbrella, ITSM solutions like ServiceNow, and other clouds—with many more in development.

  • Enabling efficiency and faster response with automation innovations

    • Such as the release of automation rules, a simple framework for leveraging automation that’s highly integrated into the day-to-day SecOps workstream, as well as new automation connectors and playbooks.

  • Helping security teams deploy integrations and use cases faster

    • With solutions, which allow you to deploy connectors, workbooks, playbooks, detections, and all other content related to integration in one package.

  • Empowering SecOps with integrated SIEM and XDR

    • Such as Microsoft 365 Defender incidents integration, allowing users to seamlessly pivot between the breadth of SIEM and the depth of XDR while investigating.

  • Democratizing machine learning

    • With customizable machine learning anomalies, which gives security analysts a code-free experience to customize machine learning to their individual organizations and use them in detections and threat hunting.

  • And much more!

We have a long and exciting journey ahead and we look forward to helping you further streamline and strengthen your security—and enabling SecOps to be more efficient and effective than ever.
As always, to our customers, thank you for coming with us on this journey. We love working with you and hearing your feedback!


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