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Cyber Security User Awareness - Powerful Phishing Training for Microsoft Users

London, UK – 15th March 2021 – Satisnet’s partnership with the industry-leading Terranova Security delivers a security awareness program unrivalled in the user awareness space.


Unlock Powerful Phishing Training Capabilities with Terranova Security

You can now gain all the knowledge you need to detect and avoid real-world cyber threats with the industry-leading Terranova Security phishing training content as part of Attack Simulation Training in Microsoft Defender for Office 365. The E5 and ATP2 license agreement enables customers to seamlessly integrate phishing training into their Microsoft ecosystem at no extra cost. Satisnet’s collaborative program is now available to all Microsoft users looking to dramatically improve their user awareness of phishing attacks.

The Microsoft Phishing Attack Simulator Module is available free of charge to all E5 and Defender For O365 and Terranova Security. This platform focuses on the biggest cyber security threat we have within an organisation – phishing attacks.

The full Terranova Security platform utilises the vast Microsoft Threat Intelligence network to surface latest phishing scams and wrap this content into simulations and training - keeping you ahead of the hackers!

Microsoft have teamed up with the leading experts in this area, Terranova Security and Satisnet, to provide the Phishing Attack Simulator Program and associated awareness training content. This content essentially applies a risk-based approach to phishing, identifying the seven risk vectors or payloads used within a phishing attack and then mapping these to the user behaviours a hacker is trying to exploit. The engine then applies the risk-based approach and the science behind phishing to produce focus campaigns that really change the behaviour of your staff, putting them in the shoes of a hacker, getting them in that mindset.

These behavioural changes have proven to result in an improvement of up to 40% in awareness training and phishing simulation protection for your company.


  • Real-World, Attack-Based Simulations

    • Phishing attacks impacting your company are automatically analysed from your Office 365 tenancy and then, using machine learning, wrapped as new phishing simulations

  • Industry and Threat Intelligence Attack-Based Simulations and Lessons

    • The vast Microsoft threat intelligence network feeds new simulations and awareness training content

  • Behaviour-Based Approach

    • Training your user outcomes with a genuine improvement of up to 40% in phishing awareness

  • Trending Metrics

    • Illustrate behavioural change and improvement from previous baselines

  • Richest Set of Awareness Content

    • Terranova Security has the richest sets of awareness content available to include: lessons, microlearning, nano learning, and marketing content (brochures, screensavers, posters, etc.) powered by the Microsoft threat intelligence network...the largest there is!

  • Full User Awareness Program

    • Guidance and support ensuring your organisation maximises its full user awareness potential


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