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Satisnet's FREE Azure Sentinel SIEM Health Check Service

London, UK – 22nd March 2021 – Satisnet are excited to announce the FREE Health Check Service to make sure you are fully utlising and optimising your Azure Sentinel SIEM.


Satisnet Are Now Offering All Azure Sentinel SIEM Users a Free Half-Day Health Check

Satisnet have announced an exciting new service enabling Azure Sentinel owners to understand if their SIEM investment is actually achieving its full functionality and to its maximum value.

With vast experience and the implementation of hundreds of SIEMs, Satisnet’s technical experts will assist to ensure the operation and functionality of your SIEM is fully utilised and correctly optimised. Many Azure Sentinel SIEM users aren’t obtaining the full security visibility that they require, and need advice regarding use-cases and log sources that will give them the full MITRE ATT&CK protection.

As well as the optimisation piece, Satisnet will provide assistance with the full architecture covering the artificial intelligence (AI) and automation capabilities together with any cost calculations for your SIEM.

Satisnet will cover off all of your business drivers and KPIs prior to any engagement with your SIEM, and really get to know your reasons for needing the SIEM including your current Azure Sentinel configuration including: use-cases and logic, detection tools and log sources, SLAs, and incident response processes.

There will also be a chapter to look at dashboarding and reporting to ensure the most efficient methods are being utilised. Integrations and other existing platforms are also investigated to see if these can be wrapped into the architecture, for instance: playbooks, Power BI, or KQL to really encapsulate any open ends that may materialise. At the end of the health check, Satisnet provide a full report of recommendations prioritised accordingly.


This free health check service from Satisnet really pulls out exactly where your security teams' interests should be when it comes to your Azure Sentinel SIEM. The goal is to automate the process as much as possible to minimise human error and to provide efficiency within the full cyber security operation, leaving your security team to focus on real analyst work. I can totally recommend all Azure Sentinel SIEM owners to make use of this service offered by Satisnet.


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