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Tenable: Reaffirmed as Vulnerability Management Leader



In the latest Frost & Sullivan report, the Frost Radar has listed Tenable as a vulnerability management leader in the 'growth' and 'innovation' categories - further affirming them as one of the market leaders.

The Frost Radar empowers your company to make superior decisions regarding which vulnerability management solutions deliver the best overall value and make the wisest investment, based on the company’s demonstrated growth and innovation.

What does the Frost Radar rate the Leaders?

  • Growth Index An assessment of the organisation’s market share and revenue growth over the past three years, as well as how well its vision and strategy are aligned to effectively set the tone for the future of the industry.

  • Innovation An assessment of the organisation’s global scalability, efficacy of its research and development, and how well its vision, strategy and evolution of its solution portfolio align with the current and future needs of the market.

“Companies plotted on the Frost Radar™ are the leaders in the industry for growth, innovation, or both. They are instrumental in advancing the industry into the future,” Frost & Sullivan: Global Vulnerability Management Market, 2021



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