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Terranova Security for User Awareness and Phishing Training - Why?


Rhiannon Allsopp

User Awareness Product Manager, Satisnet


I started out learning how to use Terranova Security before I even started here at Satisnet, as I was so intrigued to learn about this new product that was now being offered as part of the Microsoft E5 licence. The partnership was new, and I wanted to investigate how good this product was. I must mention, my background is not specifically IT-based, so I was learning this from scratch. I logged in and immediately saw the tabs to the left of the screen. They are self-explanatory which made this whole process seem a lot less daunting from the get-go!

Why Terranova Security?

Terranova Security is a simple to use platform with a phishing simulator and user awareness platform in one, with a multitude of courses available and certain customisations allowing your company to have their logo and name present, and the colours of buttons, etc. can be changed to match your company’s style to provide that sense of familiarity that we require to gain trust from end users when in a training platform.

The content comes in general content which is interactive and normally starts with an introduction video and finishes in a short questionnaire, microcourse (which are 2-4 minutes in length) and nanocourses which are around 1 minute in length. This variety means that when you build your courses, you can tailor what content an end-user will see, how they interact with the content and how much time each course will take. You can build your courses to cover a broad umbrella of information security or hone those skills by linking two or three short content materials to cover one specific topic, such as working from home - a very poignant topic at the moment! The content follows Blake, a guy at the office who could do with some IT security awareness training, and Isa, who is always there to provide Blake with that bit of guidance when he’s unsure or about to cause a potential gateway for a cyber criminal to get in.

Before Sending

Before sending out a course, you may wish to create a baseline from which you can measure results. I did this with our team here at Satisnet very easily, by sending out a phishing email and using the analytics to record improvements next time. I then sent out a quiz to measure the general knowledge of staff and to see any weak spots we had.

Once Deployed

Once you have deployed a course, you can send emails, reminder emails and completion emails all from within the email centre. You can set-up regular reminders to do the course and copy in the end-user’s managers to ensure that if you set the course to be mandatory, it will be completed without too much work from yourself.

Phishing Simulations

The phishing simulation component is a great piece of kit built into the platform, allowing for these simulations to be sent out in under a minute. You can start by creating your own email, but my preferred option is to use one of the standard templates already provided. You can edit each part, from the initial email, the landing page, the feedback page and any attachments you include in the email. The feedback page is generally one where it has quick points highlighting what went wrong, or what the end-user should look out for next time.

Why I love these simulations, though, is the reporting. The reports start from as soon as you send that email and it numbers end-users depending on whether they downloaded images, clicked on links, entered credentials - how many times they did each action. It means following up with staff and providing them with guidance on how to better handle an unknown email in future. Most reports can be viewed graphically so you can see the reports in a quick glance. You can also sort and filter the results - a super handy addition.

Quiz Function

The quiz function is yet again a super easy tab to get your head around. You can build quizzes using pre-written questions and answers from the IT security experts at Terranova Security themselves, or you can write your own. You select which ones you want to include, whether you want a pass mark or not, and after selecting who you want to complete your quiz, you press deploy. It's as easy as that!


The simplicity of using Terranova Security, supplemented by the brilliant and interactive content, easy-to-understand analytics, and detailed phishing email templates makes Terranova Security a great platform to launch your security awareness campaigns from. The platform ensures that you will be successful and will have great feedback regarding the end-user experience.

You will very quickly feel confident manoeuvring around the platform and the visual analytics are a great supplement when you are presenting on the data you can retrieve from your programmes.


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