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Recorded Future

Recorded Future Overview

As ‘The Only Universal Threat Intelligence Solution’, Recorded Future truly are the ‘real deal’ when it comes to collecting and analysing vast amounts of data to deliver relevant and real-time cyber threat insights.

The solution aggregates these rich insights and intelligence with any other threat data sources, empowering security teams to collaborate on analysis and delivering intelligence wherever you need it most, including rapid integration with your existing security solutions.

Why Choose Recorded Future?

Threat intelligence dramatically improves detection and response to help all security teams make better, more informed decisions, faster.

  • Reduce Research Time
    • Gain access to contextualised intelligence to replace manual research that can, and does, drain your resources
    • Improve security team efficiency by 32%
  • Respond Confidently
    • Gain direct access to source material to give you the context needed to make remediation decisions
    • Identify threats faster by 10x
  • Understand Relevant Risk
    • Real-time alerting to active and emerging threats arms you with proactive defence
    • Resolve security threats faster by 63%

How Does Recorded Future Work?

Recorded Future’s unique advanced machine learning, natural language processing, and pattern recognition technology indexes and understands more than 350 facts per second. To put this into context, this is equivalent to 8,774 full-time human analysts, meaning that the platform delivers the threat intelligence that powers your security where and when you need it.

Broadest and Largest Collection

Automated collection of threat data from a huge range of technical, open web, and dark web sources, combined with expert research and any other threat data.

Automated and Expert Analysis

Data in every language is analysed and organised into insightful intelligence using machine learning, augmented with analysis from their team of experts.

Flexible Access to Threat Intelligence

Intelligence is available via their intuitive web application, integrated into any cyber security point solution/existing set up, or in deep-dive analyst reports.

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