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Rizikon Assurance

Rizikon Assurance - Overview

Third-Party Risk Management – No More Tail Chasing!

Rizikon Assurance (‘Rizikon’), expertly brought to the market by Crossword Security, is an online system that improves third-party assurance and risk management, through efficiency, real automation and better visibility.
Rizikon enables organisations to effectively manage suppliers, supply chains, contractors and all third-parties to adhere to, and excel in, modern-day risk management requirements.

Key challenges and the reality of third-party risk management today:

  • Companies are ever-expanding access to sensitive systems and data through many third-party and outsourcing relationships
  • Information risk teams are now accountable for the security posture of organisations outside of their own
  • Increasingly difficult to gain sufficient third-party visibility and greater supplier coverage
  • Internal resources often fall short and increasingly hard to scale to cover these third-party security needs
  • Manual processes
  • Growth and change in regulations

How does Rizikon solve these issues?

  • Ease of Use
    • Speed up assurance with easy-to-use secure forms, with in-built standard assessments – all without the need for additional internal resources
    • Frees your organisation up from using mass spreadsheets
  • Automation and Orchestration Utilised
    • Automated risk scoring, chasing and reminding with scalable monitoring of assessments
  • Visibility and Tracking
    • Stay in control as you scale up wiith comprehensive tracking across third-parties, metrics and KPIs
    • Tracks all surveys across all suppliers
  • Powerful Application APIs
    • Achieve business-wide third-party assurance with comprehensive links to third-party cyber security rating tools, e.g. BitSight
    • Gain financial and cyber risk scores to build a 360 degree view

Rizikon Assurance uses an ‘always-on-cloud’ architecture and automation to significantly reduce third-party risk workloads



Satisnet also offer the Rizikon Assurance platform as a fully managed Third-Party Risk Service – enquire below for more information!



About Crossword Cybersecurity

Crossword Cybersecurity specialise in technology transfer in the area of cyber security and risk management.  They look for exciting new research ideas in universities and research institutions across Europe.  When Crossword find innovative projects or ideas substantial commercial potential, they develop them into viable software products and take them to market.

Key Issues

Take control of third-party risk

Container Security

Encrypted, secure and easily auditable

Real Time

Scalable and effective risk management

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