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Let Security Professionals Be Security Professionals

Built on the foundations of Honeycomb Technologies’ leading SOAR platform, SOCAutomation, SDAThreatHunter combines the searching capabilities of Elasticsearch with automation, orchestration, threat hunting and incident response.
Leveraging a huge library of automation and event-triggered use-cases, SDAThreatHunter utilises unparalleled automation to scale and process 100% of alerts – leaving no stone unturned. With the ability to automate any IT-based workflows, SDAThreatHunter really does allow your invaluable security professional to be just that – Security Professionals.

SDAThreatHunter Key Features

  • Total visibility is in your hands – know exactly where the threat is, and how to prevent it
  • Alongside the powerful automation, orchestration and critical analytics engine of SOAR, leverage the ‘four pillars of modern day security needs’ to achieve complete security visibility
    • Events/Logs
    • Endpoint Detection and Response
    • Network Traffic Analysis
    • Threat Intelligence
  • A managed Elasticsearch platform
  • Threat hunting automation based on enrichment
    • MITRE ATT&CK TTPs auto-mapped
  • Automated incident response run-books
  • Orchestrated cyber play-books
  • SOC Tier 1/2 automation

Advanced Analytics

Map Your Environment

Data map your environment to automatically detect security issues with the power of Elastic and SDAThreatHunter

Testing Techniques

Automation and Orchestration

Automate time-consuming SOC tasks to return the control to your security team

Two Products: One Solution

Leveraging the power of SOCAutomation and SDAThreatHunter - scale security to fit the threat

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