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Splunk Overview

Splunk’s product and service offerings allows you to investigate, monitor, alert and act on data. With a broad range of offerings across IT, Security, IoT and Business Analytics, Splunk turns your machine data into answers. Organisations of all sizes, across all verticals and industries – including 92 of the Fortune 100 – trust Splunk to solve their IT and business challenges with innovating, next-generation solutions. With 2,000+ Splunk-based apps – there’s something to solve all your network security, IT operations, IoT networks and security needs/desires.

Splunk Key Features

  • Analytics-driven security
  • Identify, prioritise and manage security events
  • Enhanced security capabilities with focused threat detection and response
  • Increased visibility and threat hunting
  • Automated detection and faster response
  • Quick and easy deployment and configuration for a speedy utilisation

Knowledge Transfer

Advanced analytics

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Detect anomalies

Real Time

Streamline investigations

Splunk Products

Analytics-driven SIEM security

As a regular Gartner-leader in the SIEM Magic Quadrant, Splunk have a proven pedigree in the security analytics and management space – Splunk Enterprise Security (ES)
Radically improve your security posture through; faster response times, widened visibility and increased detection and investigation capabilities with leveraged threat intelligence.
Splunk ES allows you to combat threats with actionable intelligence and advanced analytics – all at scale alongside your business.

– Reduce time to detect – ingest all machine data to effectively uncover malicious threats
– Streamline your investigations with a fully centralised view
– Automated actions and workflows allow you to respond faster than ever
– Fullt customisable and role-based dashboards

Securing against unknown threats through user and entity behavior analytics

Splunk’s User Behavior Analytics (UBA) allows your organisation to detect unknown threats and anomalous behaviour through advanced machine learning. Enhance your visibility and detection capabilities by automating threat detection – allowing you more time to alert review and resolution.

– Automate early breach detection with accelerated threat hunting
– Discover abnormalities and unknown threats that traditional security tools miss
– Automate stitching together a threat with hundred of anomalies – significantly saving your analysts time and expense
– Stay ahead of advanced and insider threats