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The Cyber Exposure Company - Leader in Vulnerability Management

Trusted by 30,000+ companies worldwide, Tenable are considered number one in vulnerability management, cyber security risk reduction, and the pioneer of cyber exposure.


Satisnet are proud to be a leading Platinum Partner of Tenable.


Identify and map every asset for visibility across any digital platform

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Cyber Exposure

Cyber Exposure unifies your security goals with your business objectives. It enables you to make better-informed decisions based on addressing risks and driving improvements by measuring and comparing key security metrics.

Vulnerability Management

  • Sees the entire attack surface

  • Prioritises vulnerabilities based on the full context of business risk

  • Dynamic, continuous visibility

  • Drives decisions to maximise risk reduction


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The number one vulnerability assessment solution


See everything, predict what matters. Managed in the cloud


See everything, predict what matters. Managed on-prem


Calculate, communicate and compare your cyber exposure


The most comprehensive risk-based vulnerability management solution


Complete visibility into your converged IT/OT infrastructure


Secure Active Directory (AD) and disrupt attack paths


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Track and Triage Across Infrastructure Teams

Auto-generated run-books and stakeholder mapping, with an easy-to-use portal to track progess

Tailored Use-Cases, Reports and Dashboards

Role-based security portal, with pre-build dashboards and reports scheduler designed and tailored to your organisation and industry

Satisnet Experience --- Tenable Foundation

Comprehensive VM service portfolio built on Tenable's Nessus Professional, Tenable.io, Tenable.sc, Lumin, Web Application Scanning, and Tenable.ot

Automation of Tasks and Tooling

Make the most out of people, process, and technology. Step away from time-consuming and labour-intensive security tasks aligned to Business ad Usual (BAU)

Onsite SOC Presence

A dedicated vulnerability management SOC personnel from Satisnet to attend regular service review meetings, and available to participate in your Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings

Reduce risk, prioritise vulnerabilities and reduce your cyber exposure with Tenable.