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Get the Operational Technology Security You Need. Reduce the Risk You Don't.

Industrial Systems Require Industrial-Grade Security. Keep Your IT and OT Environments Secure with Tenable.ot

IT and OT infrastructures are rapidly converging. Industrial and critical infrastructure organisations are adopting IoT devices at an unprecedented rate. As these environments converge and expand, your attack surface and attack vectors do, too.
Tenable.ot protects industrial networks from cyber threats, malicious insiders and human error. With threat detection and mitigation, asset inventory, vulnerability management and configuration control, Tenable’s industrial control system (ICS) security capabilities identify and predictively prioritise threats and vulnerabilities to maximise the safety and reliability of your OT environment.

  • Threat Detection and Mitigation
    • The multi-detection engine identifies policy violations, detects anomalous behaviours and tracks signatures for potential high-risk events
    • Sends the context-aware alerts to your team so you can quickly respond and launch forensic investigations
  • Risk-Based Vulnerability Management
    • Tenable.ot’s comprehensive and detailed IT/OT asset tracking capabilities generate vulnerability and risk levels using Predictive Prioritization for each asset of your ICS network
    • Reports include: risk-scoring, detailed insights and mitigation suggestions
    • This allows your team to quickly identify the highest risk for priority remediation before the gaps are exploited
  • Complete Visibility
    • It is well-known that attacks can easily manifest in a converging IT/OT environment. Tenable.ot gives you complete visibility into your converged attack surface
    • Tenable.ot natively integrates with leading IT security operations tools to ensure maximum coverage at all times
  • Adaptive Assessment
    • Achieve unparalleled visibility into your infrastructure without impacting operations
    • This unique approach gathers far more information than passive monitoring alone, including identification of devices that rarely communicate on your network
  • Configuration Control
    • Track malware and user-executed changes made over your network or directly on a device
    • Tenable.ot provides a full history of device configuration changes, including: granularity of specific ladder logic segments, diagnostic buffers, tag tables and more
    • This enables administrators to establish a backup snapshot with the ‘last known good state’ for faster recovery and compliance with industry regulations
  • Enterprise Management
    • Designed for multi-site and distributed environments, Tenable.ot provides centralised security, vulnerability management and full reporting capabilities for your distributed environment, regardless of location

Complete Visibility

Get a comprehensive view of your industrial environment. Go deeper than simply listening to network traffic by actively querying devices in their native protocols

Proactive Risk-Based Insights

With real-time information about your network and devices, you’ll always know your risk profile and be ready to address new threats as they emerge

Unified OT and IT Security

For complete understanding of your modern attack surface, unify your OT and IT security with a single vendor in an integrated solution

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