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Tenable Knowledge Transfer Courses

As a leading Tenable Platinum Partner, Satisnet offer a selection of Tenable-based, and overall vulnerability management, knowledge transfer courses.
Satisnet have a fully self-sufficient Tenable status, with an in-house team of vulnerability management experts/trainers. These courses are can be adapted for any skill level, and to cover any specifics, so please do get in touch!

Developed by Satisnet's Tenable team, the Nessus Professional Knowledge Transfer course covers:

  • Nessus installation methods

  • Host discovery and network scans

  • Compliance scanning and auditing

  • Back doors/malware

  • Best practices, reporting, and investigating

  • See below for the full course outline!


Courses can be tailored and bespoke to your requirements!

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Tenable Nessus Professional Knowledge Transfer

Duration: Tailored Following Scoping Call

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