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Assess, Protect, and Enable with Cyber Alchemy

London, UK – 24th August 2023 – Satisnet are excited to announce a partnership with Cyber Alchemy, a dynamic new consultancy comprised of seasoned professionals who take cyber security beyond the realm of mere problem solving, to the fostering of a robust security culture within your organisation.


The partnership will see Satisnet further enhance their cyber security training, assessment, and ongoing security consultancy offerings with the expert addition of Cyber Alchemy to their portfolio. Cyber Alchemy goes beyond the more traditional cyber security offerings seen in the market. In a nutshell, Cyber Alchemy’s mantra is ‘Assess, Protect, and Enable’, with the striving aim to secure your organisation’s digital environments, fully leverage your cyber security budgets and personnel, and fully optimise your resources for maximum impact.

Cyber Alchemy are accomplished professionals with an inherent philosophy that cyber security isn’t just about technology, but critically a human-centred challenge. From a comprehensive assessment of the current state of your cyber security landscape, to fortifying all aspects of your organisation's security posture, Cyber Alchemy’s commitment extends beyond implementing technical solutions – they incorporate comprehensive strategies that bolster your processes and empower your people.

Following on from the above, and perhaps Cyber Alchemy’s most distinguishing expert area, is their emphasis on advanced training. With the value of continuous learning an inbuilt philosophy to the Cyber Alchemy DNA, every engagement is seen not just as an opportunity to secure your business, but also to develop the cyber security knowledge and skills of your staff.

"Cyber Alchemy are thrilled to extend our collaboration with Satisnet, a testament to our shared commitment to fortifying the digital frontier,” stated Neil Richardson, Co-Founder and Partner at Cyber Alchemy. “This strategic partnership not only amplifies our joint capabilities but also underscores our mutual vision for a safer and more secure digital ecosystem. Together, we're not just charting a new course in cybersecurity; we're defining the future of digital resilience."

A selection of key services include:

  • Advanced red, blue, and purple teaming and collaborative simulations – utilising market-leading solutions such as the Microsoft Security stack

  • Cloud security testing and zero trust assessments

  • DevSecOps training

  • External, internal, application, and API penetration testing

  • vCISO and cyber strategy reviews

“Cyber Alchemy are a perfect example of the standards required for an effective, continuous, and proactive approach to cyber security. Their advanced learning techniques and quality of service, coupled with their inherent and proven capabilities in the cyber security industry, make them the ideal partner to further our portfolio of hands-on training and advanced assessments”, added John McCann, CEO and Founder of Satisnet.

Cyber Alchemy is a welcome addition to the Satisnet portfolio, and further cements the thought leadership pedigree of the organisation. A strategic, optimised, always-on, and continuous learning approach to cyber security is key for organisations to combat the ever-evolving, sophisticated, and complex cyber security landscape and ever-advancing threats.

About Satisnet

Satisnet is a pioneering managed security services provider (MSSP), cyber security consultancy, and value-added reseller with a proven pedigree in the industry. Specialising in providing tailored, best-in-class cyber security services and solutions, Satisnet pride themselves on lasting relationships, long-standing quality customer care, and top-tier level partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft and Tenable. Satisnet see cyber security as a ‘business enabler’ and ensures that organisations achieve the greatest ROI on spend, gain visibility and an understanding of business-specific adversaries, and as a result, optimise the protection of their all-important data, assets, and reputation. The combination of an invaluable partnership approach and unparalleled expertise enables organisations to address business-critical cyber security needs, problems, gaps, and regulations with comprehensive, innovative, and market-leading services and solutions.

About Cyber Alchemy

In the complex landscape of cyber security, Cyber Alchemy are transforming the game. Their team, founded by highly experienced cyber security and business professionals, isn't just about industry-leading solutions, but also about understanding and serving clients uniquely. Cyber Alchemy believe in tailoring their services to your needs, transmuting your cyber security challenges into resilience and growth. The Cyber Alchemy mission? Solve your complex security problems and equip you with the knowledge to defend yourself. This formula blends cutting-edge techniques with the timeless value of relationships. Cyber Alchemy are not just solving problems, they’re turning lead into gold. Join Cyber Alchemy, and together, let's make the digital world a safer, more secure place.


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