Satisnet's Training Hub

Satisnet are not just looking for a 'sale', like many other service providers. Upskilling your Security Team and end user awareness is a constant priority.

The Training Hub highlights both Satisnet's in-house and third-party training portfolio. Satisnet are committed bridging the security resources gap - implementing a solution is one thing, effectively utilising it is another!

So, Why Training?


Condition end user behaviour with real-time security awareness


Get the most out of your organisations' tools, processes, and people


Constantly develop and arm your frontline security team against threat actors


Build security from within - stay ahead of the threat landscape

With Satisnet, ensure your end users, security team, threat hunters, defenders, and frontline security personnel are 'up to the job' and staying ahead of modern-day threats.


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Satisnet offer a series of scenario-based, hands-on training courses, as well as official Microsoft certifications.

The content of these courses include: Azure Sentinel, Defender for Endpoint, Threat Hunting, MCAS, Azure, SCCM, and Office 365 - among more!

CyberKombat is a real-world cyber defence simulation training portal.


Test your current security personnel, processes, and controls with hands-on security training catered to your organisations' environment.

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Powerful Phishing Training for Microsoft Users

Phishing Training and Awareness


Microsoft E5, ATP2, and E3 users can seamlessly integrate phishing simulation training into their Microsoft Ecosystem with Terranova Security.


Leverage real-life phishing intelligence directly from the largest email ecosystem (Microsoft!) for real-time security awareness training to proactively improve the behaviour of end users.

Stay ahead of threat actors with Satisnet's training portfolio!