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Discover - Assess - Prioritise Vulnerabilities

Understand your exposures and know which vulnerabilities to fix first with Tenable Vulnerability Management (formerly

Get a risk-based view of your attack surface to quickly identify, investigate, and prioritise your most critical assets and vulnerabilities.

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Managed in the cloud and powered by Tenable Nessus, Tenable Vulnerability Management provides the industry's most comprehensive vulnerability coverage with real-time continuous assessment of your organisation.

See Everything

Find hidden vulnerabilities with continuous, always-on asset discovery and assessment


Use easy-to-understand risk scores to quickly begin remediation before a breach happens

Respond Faster

Intuitive Risk Reduction

With extensive coverage you can quickly see scan results and determine exposures


Built-in prioritisation and 'fix first automation' ensures high-risk vulnerabilities are quickly patched

Prioritise Vulnerabilities

Harness The Power of Data to Respond Faster

  • Continuous discovery and assessment with always-on sensors

  • Built-in threat intelligence

  • Automated vulnerability prioritisation

  • Real-time visualisation of risk, and tracking of vulnerabilities, assets, and remediations

  • Built-in vulnerability risk scores to identify risk

  • Fully documented API and pre-built integrations


Tenable Vulnerability Management is available through, and is a component of, Tenable One.
Tenable One is an exposure management platform designed to help your organisation gain visibility across your modern attack surface, focus efforts to prevent likely attacks, and accurately communicate cyber risks to support optimal business performance.

Tenable: Satisnet Services

Vulnerability Management Managed Service

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Achieve continuous visibility and scalable risk-reduction with Satisnet's Vulnerability Management Managed Service - proven pedigree as a
Tenable Platinum Partner.

Track and triage discovered vulnerabilities across infrastructure teams with tailored use-cases to your organisation with real-time dashboards and reports. With an onsite SOC presence from Satisnet, utilise advanced automation to maximise ROI and efficiency of your risk-based vulnerability management operations.

Knowledge Transfer

  • Tenable Vulnerability Management installation methods​

  • Network scans and patch audits

  • Network and asset tagging

  • Use case creation

  • Best practices, reporting, and investigating

  • Request full course outline


Courses can be tailored and bespoke to your requirements!

FREE Health Check

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  • Prioritise practical risk and vulnerability management

  • Idenitfy and address current weaknesses with a vulnerability management gap analysis

  • Review current configuration and remediation processes

  • Review alerts, reports and dashboarding mapped to your environment

Consultancy and Training
Stay ahead of the changing threat landscape with hands-on training and consultancy offerings to maximise the value and ROI of your vulnerability management solution(s).

Standalone Solution
Looking to procure and manage your own Tenable solution? Satisnet will provide a seamless process to enable you to get up and running in no time!

Understand your risk and know which vulnerabilities to fix first with Tenable Vulnerability Management

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