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Exposure Management Platform

With Tenable One - the Exposure Management Platform - translate technical asset, vulnerability, and threat data into clear business insights and actionable intelligence for security executives.

Anticipate likely attacks and proactively address, manage, and reduce your cyber risk. 

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Tenable One is an exposure management platform that combines risk-based vulnerability management, web application security, cloud security, and identity security.


Exposure Management Platform

Exposure View


Aggregated cyber risk insights

Attack Path Analysis


Breach and attack mitigation

Asset Inventory


Centralised view of assets

Exposure Analytics


Data aggregation, risk prioritisation and recommendations, and benchmarking



Web App






Attack Surface


Get a Single, Unified View of Your Modern Attack Surface

Enable exposure management for all of your assets, everywhere, so you can better understand your cyber risks and make actionable decisions to address them. It also measures the maturity of your foundational security processes, including how effective the Security Team is at identifying critical flaws and how quickly they remediate issues to reduce risk.


Comprehensive Visibility
Unified view of all assets, whether on-premises or in the cloud, to understand where you are exposed to risk.


Predict and

Understand relationships between assets, exposures, privileges, and threats across an attack path.


Effectively Communicate Risk
Security executives and business leaders have a centralised and business-aligned view of cyber risk for the organisation.

Quantify Your Exposure

Tenable One's Exposure View enables focused security efforts through clear and concise insight into your organisation's security exposure through a unified global exposure score drawn from a variety of different data sources.

It helps answer critical questions such as:

  • How secure are we?

  • Where do we stand in our preventative efforts?

  • Where do we stand in our mitigation efforts?

  • How are we doing over time?

  • What are the key events?

Tenable: Satisnet Services

Vulnerability Management Managed Service

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Achieve continuous visibility and scalable risk-reduction with Satisnet's Vulnerability Management Managed Service - proven pedigree as a
Tenable Platinum Partner.

Track and triage discovered vulnerabilities across infrastructure teams with tailored use-cases to your organisation with real-time dashboards and reports. With an onsite SOC presence from Satisnet, utilise advanced automation to maximise ROI and efficiency of your risk-based vulnerability management operations.

Consultancy and Training
Stay ahead of the changing threat landscape with hands-on training and consultancy offerings to maximise the value and ROI of your vulnerability management solution(s).

Standalone Solution
Looking to procure and manage your own Tenable solution? Satisnet will provide a seamless process to enable you to get up and running in no time!

Proactively address, manage, and reduce your cyber risk with Tenable One

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