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QRadar Managed Service

Achieve ROI, tailor use-cases to your organisation/industry, utilise real automation, maximise security, and make use of all capabilities of the Gartner-leading SIEM with Satisnet's QRadar Managed Service.

Automation of Tasks and Tooling

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2,000+ Correlation

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User Behaviour
Analytics (UBA)

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Gartner-Leading SIEM
A chart-topping SIEM tool. With Satisnet, achieve business-specific use-cases, automation, threat hunting, and scalable security operations

Maximum Value
In-house skills and self-sufficiency ensure you get the maximum value out of your SIEM tool

Satisnet Security Operations Team
Delivering instant value to your defenders and optimising your security operations

Tangible Results
Define requirements and use-cases from the start to ensure the implementation is efficient and delivers tangible results early on
SIEM Pedigree
Satisnet have been an industry-leader in providing, implementing, consulting, and managing SIEM solutions for 15+ years


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What Do You Get?

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Managed QRadar Instance
Aligned with chosen service model - Satisnet have proven skills with QRadar having implemented 200+ QRadar solutions. 40+ certified engineers are skilled cyber security analysts and practitioners

2,000+ Correlation Rules
Based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework, as well as tactics, techniques, threat adversaries, and malware specific to your organisation and industry. Satisnet are also a contributor to SOC Prime's Threat Detection Marketplace (TDM) content of industry-leading SIEM and Security Analytics rules

Advanced Incident Response
Full incident response (IR) service based on the SANS IR Six Steps: Preparation, Identification, Containment, Eradication, Recovery, and Lessons Learned

Automation of Tasks and Tooling
Utilising Satisnet's co-developed SOAR platform - using automation to: enrich alerts, run-books and IR processing, map stakeholders, ticketing system auto-updates, tracking SLAs, and threat hunting

Threat Intelligence
The Service utilises threat intelligence (TI) at its core. Enabling automated threat hunting to provide latest protections covering: industry-based attacks, specific adversaries, brand infringement, data leakage, supply chain security posture...among more!

Service Models

Satisnet's Managed Services are available with the following service models, and can be tailored based on an organisations' requirements:

Office Hours
Out of Hours (OOH)

QRadar Expertise

Satisnet are a leading IBM Gold Business Partner, with 12+ years of implementing, consulting in, and managing QRadar.

This unrivalled expertise ensures you get the best 'bang for your buck', with a tailored approach specific to your organisation and industry.

Ready to unlock the leading SIEM, QRadar, backed with the expertise and assistance of Satisnet's Security Operations?


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