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Centero CSM for Intune Application Groups

Dilbagh Singh - IT Security Engineer, Satisnet


In most environments, remediating vulnerabilities on endpoints and servers is a manual process which can take days, weeks, or even months to develop a change control process and roll out the patch. This can take longer depending on how many people you have in your business, this can lead to a security gap and may cause you to be vulnerable to easily remediated threats.

Microsoft Intune is a great platform to manage both mobile device and application management, which map to your security and compliance settings to make your organisation more secure and meet security and compliance requirements before an endpoint is connected to network. However, it’s not only limited to security and compliance, you can also manage device and application updates whether it’s third-party or Microsoft itself.

Now, you must be thinking what is the use of Centero? Then let me tell you the advantage. Microsoft does not offer a native intuitive feature to update third-party applications. You have the capability to update and manage third-party applications, but it is a manual process where you need to update the msi or installer whenever an update have been released, resulting in a high administration overhead.

To overcome this overhead, Satisnet has partnered with Centero to provide a Centero Software Manager (CSM) for Intune and can form Azure AD groups based on the applications installation information which is further mapped to the Azure AD user and device groups.


The advantage to you as a business is that every time an update released by a third-party vendor within your estate, you will get an alert email and the application msi will be updated on Intune portal by Centero. This is then deployed or staged for deployment to affected endpoints. Deployments of certain patches can be staged to different groups of endpoints through device or application groupings, providing a high level of granularity depending on your needs.

Centero supports patch management for more than 50 3rd party application vendors, as you can see from the below list:

  • Adobe Flash Player ActiveX x86 EN

  • Adobe Flash Player Plugin x86 EN

  • Adobe Reader DC x86 EN

  • Adobe Reader DC x86 FI

  • Adobe Reader DC x86 MUI

  • Adobe Reader XI x86 MUI

  • Adobe Reader XI x86 EN

  • Adobe Reader XI x86 FI

  • Adobe Shockwave Player x86 EN

  • Apple iTunes x64 EN

  • Apple iTunes x86 EN

  • Centero Software Manager Client x64 EN

  • Citrix Files x86 EN

  • Citrix Files x64 EN

  • Citrix Receiver x86 EN

  • Citrix Workspace App x86 EN

  • Dominik Reichl KeePass Password Safe x86 EN

  • dotPDN LLC Paint.NET x86 EN

  • dotPDN LLC Paint.NET x64 EN

  • Foxit Software Foxit Reader x86 EN

  • Google Chrome x64 EN

  • Google Chrome x86 EN

  • Google Drive File Stream x86 EN

  • Greenshot Greenshot x86 EN

  • Igor Pavlov 7-Zip x86 EN

  • Igor Pavlov 7-Zip x64 EN

  • K-Lite Mega Codec Pack x86 EN

  • Martin Prikryl WinSCP x86 EN

  • Microsoft Azure Information Protection x86 EN

  • Microsoft Azure Information Protection UL Client x86 EN

  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop x86 EN

  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop x64 EN

  • Microsoft Silverlight (exe) x86 EN

  • Microsoft Silverlight (exe) x64 EN

  • Mozilla Firefox x86 EN

  • Mozilla Firefox x86 FI

  • Mozilla Firefox x64 FI

  • Mozilla Firefox x64 EN

  • Mozilla Firefox ESR x64 FI

  • Mozilla Firefox ESR x64 EN

  • Mozilla Firefox ESR x86 EN

  • Mozilla Firefox ESR x86 FI

  • Notepad++ Team Notepad++ x86 EN

  • Notepad++ Team Notepad++ x64 EN

  • Oracle Java Runtime Environment 8 x64 EN

  • Oracle Java Runtime Environment 8 x86 EN

  • RIA eID software x86 ET

  • Simon Tatham Putty x86 EN

  • Tim Kosse FileZilla Client x64 EN

  • VideoLAN VLC Media player x86 EN

  • VideoLAN VLC Media Player x64 FI

  • VideoLAN VLC Media Player x86 FI

  • VideoLAN VLC Media Player x64 EN

  • Zoom Zoom x86 EN

Centero covers most of the major application, most notably Google Chrome, firefox, Zoom, and Adobe flash. Currently, it is not possible to upload 3rd party application packages directly to CSM to be deployed by an end user. To add an application for deployment, you should contact the Centero support team who will do all monitoring of new releases from your chosen vendor, packaging and thorough testing of patches, and will publish these to the service, where they will be available and be deployable in the exact the same way as any other app you would see natively.


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