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Satisnet Shows You How To ‘Get the Best’ From Your Microsoft Security Products and Licensing

London, UK – 16th March 2021 – With Satisnet's Advanced Cyber Security Services, you can ‘Get the Best’ from your Microsoft Security Products and Licensing.


The Powerful Microsoft Cyber Security Services Brought To You By Satisnet

Microsoft have invested heavily in cyber security, releasing a vast array of products and capabilities developed in-house and also through acquisition. The pace of Microsoft’s cyber security development and evolution is staggering, making it hard for customers to keep up. This is where Satisnet come in. They have been a leading cyber security systems integrator and MSSP for the last 20+ years.

Satisnet brings considerable industry expertise and practical knowledge to the Microsoft Security stack, and enables customers to really make the most of technology that they are licenced and, probably, paying for - unlocking the power of Microsoft Security. In addition, Satisnet assists in enabling these technologies to integrate with any existing security, infrastructure tooling and processes a customer may have in place.

To highlight some of Satisnet's Microsoft Security service offerings, they range from:

  • Discovery or Gap Analysis - to ascertain a customers’ current security posture and tooling, mapping to frameworks such as CIS 20 and MITRE ATT&CK

  • Uncovering and unlocking the existing security power of any Microsoft Security platform(s) a customer may have

  • Utilise and then possibly extending existing Microsoft Security platforms to enable security initiatives such as MDM, vulnerability and patch management, EDR, SIEM, SOC, DLP, and UEBA

  • Training on all these services – with practical and real-world injection!

A Good Example: Enabling MCAS + Defender for Endpoint to assist with secure remote access – especially relevant in the modern-day remote working needs, and the current lockdown


This Service from Satisnet is a highly recommended service for all customers currently using Microsoft Licensing which, unbeknown to them, has powerful embedded cyber security! Also, this service is ideal for any customers with cyber security projects to understand how Microsoft can solve their problems.


Established in 2004, Satisnet Limited are a leading Security Integrator, Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) and Cyber Training Innovator, with operations throughout the UK and EMEA. Boasting 60+ staff spread across three 24x7x365 UK-based, Security Operations Centres (SOCs) Satisnet are an industry-leader in the security/infrastructure space. A fledgeling Satisnet entered the cyber security space in 2002 focusing on a problem that few at the time recognised, namely vulnerability and patch management. Quickly establishing themselves as the EMEA leaders in this field, and partnering as Platinum Partners with key vendors in this space, Satisnet are excited to be partnering with another ‘Patch Powerhouse’ who are bringing a fresh approach to the space.


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